The Central Credit Bureau Suriname (CCBS) is a credit bureau and part of Banking Network Suriname N.V. (BNETS). CCBS aims to protect the financial well-being of all Surinamese.

CCBS is a credit bureau that registers and shares credit related information of persons in a secure credit registration system provided by participating institutions. Information of lending credits is registered in the credit registration system. Examples of these lending credits are: personal loans, car/vehicle financing, consumer loans, hire purchase financing, credit card, limited overdraft and mortgages.

As of June15th every consumer that lends a loan at De Surinaamsche Bank N.V., Finabank N.V., Hakrinbank N.V. and De Surinaamse Postspaarbank will be registered at CCBS. Banks have access to the credit registration system as part of their new loan due diligence when you request a loan. If you don’t have payment delays, the system shows the lenders that your payment behavior is good and the positive registration in the system can work in your advantage when you apply for a loan.

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