Banking Network Suriname N.V. (BNETS) is the owner of the  Surinamese interbank network. This network enables holders of debit cards issued by one of the member financial institutions to perform ATM and POS transactions through ATMs and POS terminals that belong to another member of the network.

Banking Network Suriname N.V. (BNETS) was founded on February 11th, 2005 with the following goals:

  • Promoting electronic payments;
  • Integrating the payment between financial institutions;
  • Providing additional services to financial institutions.

The following seven banks are currently part of the interbank network:

  • De Surinaamsche Bank N.V. (DSB)
  • Republic Bank (Suriname) N.V.
  • Hakrinbank N.V.
  • Surinaamse Postspaarbank N.V. (SPSB)
  • De Surinaamse Volkscredietbank (VCB)
  • GODO Spaar en Krediet Coöperatie
  • Finabank N.V.


Mission Statement

Promoting an efficient payment system in Suriname by providing a secure and innovative interbank network.


Core values

  • Professional: Continuous education to strengthen our team’s competencies.
  • Quality oriented: We work accoring to international standards and best practices in the area of (IT) governance
  • Innovative: Our stakeholders continuously support us in applying trends and developments in the payments sector


Development vission

  • Accessible: Take measures to improve the accessibility to the network and increase network availability .
  • Cashless: Create awareness within the community in order to promote electronic payments.


The core business processes 

Switching card transactions

This is the core business process which enables the “guest use” of ATM and POS terminals

Settlement en Clearing

The reconciliation  process, during which funds are settled between the member banks.

Chargebacks & Adjustments

Process where incorrect transactions are settled

IT Delivery & Support

Providing IT support to the business and member banks.

IT Security Management 

To guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

Business Continuity Management

Identify and analyze potential threats to the business and create contingency plans to guarantee the continuity of the organization and its processes.