About us

Banking Network Suriname N.V. (BNETS) is the owner of the Surinamese interbank network. This network enables holders of debit cards issued by one of the member financial institutions to perform ATM and POS transactions through ATMs and POS terminals that belong to another member of the network.
Furthermore, BNETS offers the financial sector additional services amongst others:

-Printing and personalizing MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) cheque books
-Printing, sealing and distributing account statements

Banking Network Suriname N.V. (BNETS) was founded on February 11th, 2005 with the following objectives:
• Encouraging electronic payments;
• Integrating payments between financial institutions;
• Providing additional services to financial institutions;
• Participate in other enterprises which has similar or related objectives;

Currently, the following eight banks participate in the interbank network:
• De Surinaamsche Bank N.V.
• Republic Bank (Suriname) N.V.
• Hakrinbank N.V.
• Surinaamse Postspaarbank N.V.
• Surinaamse Volkskredietbank (VCB)
• Coöperatieve Spaar- en Kredietbank GODO U.A.
• Finabank N.V.
• Trustbank Amanah

BNETS is the first ISO certified company in Suriname for Information Security and Business Continuity (ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 22301:2012). This certification enables BNETS to interconnect to international networks which offer innovative electronic payments solutions for Suriname. Furthermore, this certification gives the opportunity to expand the electronic payments system with more and safer solutions.

Mission Statement
To improve the financial infrastructure by offering modern, secure and efficient collective payment and facilitating solutions.

Core values

Continuous training and education to strengthen our team’s competencies and skills.

Quality oriented 
We display and communicate confidence by working in compliance with international standards and best practices in the area of (IT) governance.

We play a leading role in the field of trends and developments in the payments sector which we provide to our stakeholders.

We are very much aware that confidence in the financial sector only can be realized if the products and services offered are safe and reliable.