BNETS manages and maintains the inter-bank network in Suriname.

The following banks are connected to this network:
• De Surinaamsche Bank N.V. (DSB)
• Hakrinbank N.V.
• Republic Bank (Suriname) N.V.
• De Surinaamse Postspaarbank
• De VCB Bank
• Godo Bank
• FinaBank N.V.

Thanks to this collaboration, debit card holders from these banks can use each other’s ATM facilities.

A transaction at an ATM of a bank other than your own bank is called a guest transaction.
When withdrawing cash at an ATM of a bank other than your own bank, a fee of SRD 2.00 will be charged. This amount will be deducted automatically from your account.
Requesting your balance at an ATM with the BNETS logo is free of charge.
On your bank statement, you can track how often you’ve done guest transactions at an ATM.


Through the inter-bank network, you can also pay at any POS device from another bank.
Paying with a debit card at a POS terminal has lots of advantages for both the retailer and his customers.

Benefits for the retailer:
• You have fewer costs for transporting your cash.
• You create a safer environment because you have less cash on hand.
• Any possible costs can be indirectly calculated in your products/services.
• The use of a POS device increases business efficiency
• You have direct control over transactions made.

Ask your bank today about the acquisition and use of POS devices.

Benefits for the customer:
• You have less cash in on hand, this will provide a safe feeling.
• In most shops you can pay with your debit card for free.
• You don’t need to wait in line at an ATM or bank to withdraw money first.
• With your debit card, you always pay exact amounts, no more hassle with loose change.
• You have direct control over your spending through your bank statements.