Safe handling of your PIN

Keep your PIN safe
You’re already very careful with your PIN. Since this is the security code to your bank account. The best way to keep your PIN safe is to remember it. Obviously this isn’t always as easy. Especially if you don’t use your debit card very often. Here’s a quick tip to help you remember your PIN.

For each digit in the pin code, choose a word of which the number of characters equals the digit. The four words then create a sentence. For example, say your PIN code is 6454. This allows you to make the sentence: secure (6) your (4) debit (5) card (4). Try it yourself and you will undoubtedly come up with a good phrase you can easily remember.

Prevention is the best medicine
Careful handling of your card and PIN prevents a lot of misery.You might not realize it, but you are at risk if you:

• tell anyone your PIN (bank employees are not allowed to ask for your PIN)
• write down your PIN on a note (that you keep with you) or use it as an access code for anything else (e.g. your cell phone)
• browse the web for hacks to remember your PIN.